For safety reasons, only one visitor is allowed during appointment and masks are required. Thank you!

COVID-19 Practice Updates

Center for Women’s Health is a medical office therefore, exempt from shelter-in-place order.  We are committed to the health and safety of our patients, visitors and our employees. We are closely monitoring the latest updates and developments related to COVID-19.  Because of this public health crisis, we are making changes in the way we care for you in this rapidly evolving situation by transitioning many of our visits to telemedicine. However, we continue to see patients on the office. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these difficult times.

We ask that you come to your appointments alone. To comply with social distancing, visitors will NOT be allowed in the exam or waiting rooms. Please take your temperature prior to coming to the office and be prepared to answer screening questions upon arrival to your appointment.  

Please DO NOT come in to the office if you have fever, flu-like symptoms, cough, shortness of breath, have tested positive for COVID-19, or come in close contact with someone who have similar symptoms or tested positive for the virus. 

We recommend that you follow the CDC guidelines to decrease the spread of COVID-19:


Hospital Updates:

All elective surgeries through April 21, 2020 have been postponed.  We are still able to schedule Cesarean Sections and procedures that are emergent or medically necessary.  Hospital visitation policies are changing constantly. Please contact your local hospital for their most up to date visitation policy.   

Please feel free to contact the office at 281-342-6962 if you have questions or concerns.



The Practice Administrator

Center for Women’s Health 


March 29, 2020

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