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Rhythm Method: The Natural Way to Family Plan

Rhythm Method: The Natural Way to Family Plan

With so many ways to plan how and when you’ll have children and start a family, i can be tough to know what’s best for you and your needs. One birth control method that is natural and hormone-free is called the rhythm method. 

Our team at the Center for Women’s Health Richmond located in Sugar Land and Richmond, Texas, is here to support you as you choose the right approach for family planning. In this blog, we explain what it means to family plan using the rhythm method.

What is the rhythm method?

The rhythm method — also referred to as fertility awareness or natural family planning — is the practice of tracking your menstrual cycle in order to know when you’re most fertile. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you have sex on these days, but if you’re trying to avoid getting pregnant, you either use contraceptives or abstain from sex. 

This method of birth control requires you to know when you’re ovulating. Ovulation happens when your ovaries release an egg. Tracking this part of your cycle is essential since it’s possible to get pregnant during this fertile window which is right before, during, or right after ovulation. 

Everyone’s menstrual cycle varies in length and the window of fertility also varies from person to person. Some things you can use to track your fertile window include using your average ovulation date, looking at your cervical fluid, checking your cervical position and texture, or using ovulation test sticks.

How effective is the rhythm method?

The rhythm method for contraception may seem highly effective in theory. However, it can be tricky to do this reliably for multiple reasons. Because women rarely ovulate at the same time every month, you have to be highly vigilant in tracking your cycles and use reliable tools to track fertility.

When used correctly, the rhythm method can be anywhere from 75-92% effective at preventing pregnancy. This form of birth control is typically not recommended for preventing pregnancy unless you have a health condition or religious reasons that prevent you from being able to use other forms of birth control. 

However, if you are using the rhythm method to try to get pregnant, it can help increase your chances of conception with minimal side effects. 

Benefits of the rhythm method

There are several advantages to choosing the rhythm method of birth control. You don’t have to worry about any hormonal side effects, you don’t need a prescription, and it’s inexpensive and accessible. In addition, it’s always beneficial to be aware of your menstrual cycle, especially if you decide that you do want to become pregnant. 

If you’d like to learn more about how using the rhythm method can help you plan your family naturally, contact our team for more information or to set up an appointment. You can do this over the phone or online today.

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